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The Tested With Confidence Program has been rebranded as the Certified With ConfidenceTM Program to acknowledge consumer cannabis brands meeting the Department of Health’s Medical Grade standards.

What Does it Mean?

  • Has Heavy Metals test results, as well as Pesticide and Terpene test results.
  • Has accurate cannabinoid labeling.
  • Meets or exceeds Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board AND Department of Health quality assurance requirements.

Why Should I Care?

How Does it Work?

Brands voluntarily participate in the Certified with Confidence Program. They commit at least 60% of their compliance samples to Medical Grade standards, certified by Confidence Analytics, and receive a spot on the certifiedwithconfidence.com listing as well as discounts on Medical Grade testing services. The program aims to connect retailers with producers and processors carrying medically compliant products, catering to the medical community in Washington.